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Find My Moon Sign Calculator - Easy Tool for Beginners

The Moon Finder / Moon Calculator tool is at the bottom of this page. The Moon Sign Calculator is one of the easiest but possibly not the best resource. To learn why, read the details explaining the calculator before using the tool. (Thanks!)

A very common question in astrology is "What is my Moon Sign?" This Moon Sign Calculator is a very easy to use basic Moon Finder. The moon calculator is set up with the Universal Time Zone between the years 1900 and 2039. However, the Find My Moon calculator is a somewhat "in-precise" tool for finding exactly where the moon was on any given day.

The reason this is an in-precise accounting of the Moon derives from the speed at which the Moon transits (moves) through all the astrological signs. In order to find the precise location of the Moon in the appropriate sign, a person needs to have the date, time (along with time system) and location (with time zone). The timezone and time options have been added to the calculator to find the right moon sign. If you don't know the time or timezone, the calculator can still be used with the time settings in their default locations. A time zone map is available to help you choose the right time zone hour.

The Moon Finder Calculator on this page is a "simplistic" approach to locating the Moon Sign on any given day within one sign during the 140 year time span used without requiring a time of day or location. Although the degree of the moon sign is not included on the finder page, but the accuracy has been improved, particularly if you know the time and timezone to zone in the most accurate moon sign.

In simple terms, the Lunar Sign presented by the Moon Sign Finder Calculator search might be off by one sign because the Moon's visit (transit) is relatively quick through each of the 12 zodiac signs. For accuracy, the location and time is needed in addition to the date, to firm up the Moon's actual sign placement. The twelve signs in sequence: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, and back to Aries, host the Moon for approximately two or three days in a 29-day cycle. This Calculator will provide upto two of the strongest Lunar Signs of the Moon's transit for the date you request. If you do happen to know the date, time and timezone for the person's birthday, you can use Lunar Living's Moon Sign Calculator at Lunar Living Planet Placements and that page will open in a new window.

To use this Calculator, type in the four digits of the year, click the appropriate radio buttons for the month and day, then click the Find My Moon button. For a more accurate result, select the time zone, the hemisphere and fill in the time of the date. These are set at a default of noon, if you do not know the time and or time zone. The layout is very a simple format to reduce the chance of error when entering the date.

If you know the date, time and place, a free horoscope chart service at Astrodienist is the most accurate online service for finding all the planetary placements, including the ascendant and house placements.

The Moon Sign Finder Calculator is geared more for the newbie to astrology who is searching for a quick and likely Lunar Sign for the day.

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